MY MIND MATTERS also focuses on holding regular workshops on the following topics:

Family coaching:

  • Delightful Parenting:

Welcome to the world of Delightful Parenting!!! Parenting is a skill we were never taught anywhere ever!!! Parenting just happened to us!!!

Especially, handling the current jet age generation is a very big challenge. In the urge to become conscious parents we find ourselves becoming anxious parents!! Workshops for parents on effective and delightful parenting skills aims to help parents become empowered with the right skills of parenting especially handling this current generation.

  • Family Interrelationship:

In today's fast track world we are all struggling to maintain relations with each other in the family within the few hours available at hand. Today it is quality time that matters as there is no quantity time. This session for family members helps them understand how to build and strengthen relations within the few hours that we all have with each other or even if we are physically away from each other.

  • Happy marital life:

As husband and wife we make a whole lot of commitments to each other during the marriage rituals. But within a few years of our marriage, we are left struggling with other responsibilities and find it very hard to support the husband wife relationship on which all the other relations in the family depend. Also, once we become parents, we cease to live as husband and wife and remain in the role of a father and mother all the while. This session helps us rejuvenate our relations as husband wife and rediscover special things about each other.

  • Life Skills for Adolescents:

Adolescence!! A period of identity crises!! Full of storm and stress!! For parents as well as the youngsters…. Plenty of questions in their mind and in a confused state of affairs!! Parents are left wishing somebody could help them deal with their adolescent and help them tide through these tormented years. This session helps adolescents understand themselves and their adolescence better and seek answers to all their queries whether related to physical or psychological changes they are undergoing.

  • Personal Effectiveness:

A lot of women choose to quit their careers/jobs after marriage and choose to take on the role of a home maker. A couple of years later as the children grow up and as everything starts running smoothly in the family, the lady is left with this feeling of being taken for granted. She often struggles to find her identity and feels she is losing her confidence. This session helps them rediscover their talent and confidence and helps them carve a niche for themselves in their lives.