Welcome to the world of freedom! A world where you can be you!

We offer a world that gently stimulates you to explore the possibilities. Our focus is to help you rejuvenate yourself and add a new meaning to your life. We welcome you to the world of empowerment through exploring the possibilities, a journey towards change and transformation. We step in when you want to redefine the quality of your life.

Services offered

Through the use of effective counseling, therapeutic techniques and psychometric testing where necessary, we help you resolve the issues that are holding you back and preventing you from being successful.

We help you reflect and identify your blocks and bring in an awareness about why these have remained 'blocks' for you and how do they affect the quality of your life.

We focus on holding regular workshops on the following topics :
  Delightful Parenting
  Family Interrelationship
  Happy Marital Life
  Life Skills for Adolescents
  Personal Effectiveness

People are the most important element of every organization. When one side of the coin is People, the other side is Challenges. We at My Mind Matters, enable you to face these challenges, whether they are ‘Logical or Psychological’. We bring to you a platter of customized solutions with a strong base of human psychology.